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A good day for PDFA at Herts County Youth Championships

This January saw the return of the Herts County Youth Championships after a year off in 2019. The tournament was held on Sunday January 5th 2020 at Sandringham School in St.Albans.

With relatively few entries from outside PDFA, the largest Junior club in Herts, they walked away with the majority of the spoils, winning all but one of the categories being competed for. It was a very well run competition overall with carpet pistes and qualified referees throughout and a good level of entries in both Foil & Sabre. It would be great to see some more entries from a wider range of clubs in 2021.

Final medal placings can be found below.

Under 10 Mixed Foil

Under 12 Mixed Foil

Under 14 Mixed Foil

Under 10 Mixed Sabre

Under 12 Mixed Sabre

Under 14 Mixed Sabre

Well done to all the fencers who entered this year.

A larger web gallery of images from the tournament can be viewed here courtesy of Mike Ellis Photography.

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